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Casa Branzi, the 99k house competition

Luogo: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
Cronologia: 2007

Branzi house prototype is the answer to a building strategy aimed to define low building costs, a sustainable quality house as well as a building strategy that can be replicated throughout the Gulf Coast region.
Branzi house is based on a central structure.
Insulation boards are hung at both sides and their dimensions and positions define the house’s insolation, coolness, accessibility, neighbouring buildings/ landscape ratio.
They have a U-value cop of 0,172 W/m2 k.
The board facing the south has an opening/closing system on the base for the cooling/ventilation at night through the air-ascent effect going across the house.
On the boards sunshades is put to avoid too much insolation of the wall and to guarantee the correct functioning of the boards.

The boar’s dimensions and different slants define such boards as membranes to catch or to defend from the sun. They represent the peculiarity of this house as a machine-of-living which can be put in relation with the urban, social, energetic context. The natural zenithal lighting has been favoured in all rooms through skylights or solar captation systems.

Structures are made with industrial dry-installed roll-steel joists throughout anchor plates and modest lenghts. To sum up this project aims to obtain the maximum of the building easiness in relation with the elements of the context. The house shows a strong expressive identity and its result comes from a thought.


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